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$1.00 Coins
Col. William Prescott
From Wampum to Colony to State
Our Historic Neighborhood
Thomas Machin
Connecticut Coppers
Constellatio Nova Coppers
The Fugio Cent
Hibernia Coppers
Machin's Mills
Massachusetts Coppers
New Jersey Coppers
Nova Eborac Coppers
Rosa Americana
Vermont Coppers
Virginia Coppers
Voce Populi Coppers
French Colonies Billon Sou Marque
John Chalmers Silver Coinage
American Plantation Token
Auctori Plebis Token
Franklin Press Token
Kentucky Token
The London Elephant Tokens
Mott Token
North American Token
The Rhode Island Ship Token
Talbot, Allum and Lee - One Cent Tokens
Washington Grate Half Penny
Washington Success Tokens
William Pitt Tokens
Federal Era Coinage
John Reich
Robert Scot
Kellogg Co.
Moffat Company
Mormon Gold
Norris, Gregg, Norris
United States Assay Office
Wass, Molitor & Co.
Clark, Gruber & Co.
The Old West
Private Mint and Territorial Gold
Civil War Coinage
Charlotte & Dahlonega Mintages
Charlotte Mint
Dahlonega Mint
Christian Gobrecht
James Longacre
Salmon P. Chase
Seated Liberty Half Dollar
Gold in the American Civil War
The Famous Morgan Silver Dollar
George T. Morgan
Morgan Dollar Die Varieties
Carson City Mint
Denver Mint
New Orleans Mint
Philadelphia Mint
San Francisco Mint
Trade Dollar
The U.S. Mints
TR, Gus and Their “Pet Crime”
The Sunken Relief of Bella Pratt
Five Dollar Silver Certificate
Large Size U.S. Notes
Twenty Cent Piece
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