One of the more controversial coins bearing the image of George Washington are the tokens that have become known as the Washington Success Tokens. These tokens feature on the obverse, a bust right portrait of Washington surrounded by the legend: "GEORGE WASHINGTON". The reverse, (resembling that of the Constellatio Nova and early Vermont Coppers), shows the Eye of Providence with fifteen long rays and a field of fifteen stars surrounded by the legend: "SUCCESS TO THE UNITED STATES".

The presence of fifteen stars has indicated to many numismatic historians that these tokens predate June 1, 1796 when Tennessee was admitted as the sixteenth state. Many believe that these tokens date from Washington's second inauguration in 1793. The legend: "SUCCESS TO THE UNITED STATES" would be proper for a time when the prosperity or the very survival of the new country would not be a forgone conclusion.

Some have suggested that these tokens are of mid nineteenth century origin; perhaps made as game counters or tokens. In any event, these tokens come in two sizes, small and large. They were made of copper or brass, and come with plain or reeded edges. All varieties are scarce and are sought after for their connection with the administration of George Washington and the early life of the United States.