Sagebrush, rattlesnakes, wagon trains, cowboys, Indians, the Santa Fe Trail - all evoke memories of a time when going west of the Mississippi could bring you either failure or worse; or the promise of a new start with, potentially, great opportunity. Many dreams were either fulfilled or dashed on the way to the West. Spanning the entire 19th Century, the Westward expansion of the United States holds our fascination and interest to this day.

As commerce grew in the West, gold coins were issued at private mints in California, Colorado, Oregon and Utah in order to meet the demand for circulating coins. Converting gold dust and nuggets into gold coins or bars also needed to be convenient for the miners. These Territorial coins, made near the source of the gold, are among the rarest and most sought after coins in American numismatic history. The United States mints in San Francisco, Carson City, and Denver would evolve from these territorial private mints and assay offices.

The Federal and private mint coins and currency that were issued during those days, are a tangible documentation of every major event relating to the history of the West. Coins that Zebulon Pike would have carried on his exploration of Colorado in 1806, gold coins that were used to buy supplies in California in 1851, and coins that may have been used to buy drinks in a Tombstone saloon in 1882, are available for the discerning investor who just can't resist the lure of the Old West.